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Powerful creative to
drive brand growth.

IKM can help your brand succeed through remarkable design, UX, messaging, strategy, and beyond. Scan our gallery to see the impact we've made on these organizations.

Interesting brands.
Uncommon solutions.

1 - monod bio.png

Monod Bio

Since the pandemic began, all eyes have been on the biotech industry and Monod Bio is ready to change the world. This disruptive startup has developed a revolutionary biosensor that will have huge implications for both biotech and medicine.

Intelligence. Intuition. Action.
Our team worked closely with the founders to develop consumable messaging and a powerful aesthetic to better tell the story of their technology.

Gifts With Love

Gifts With Love started as an idea between friends. The idea was simple – allow people to send curated gift boxes to people experiencing loss or grief. For each box purchased, the founders donate a portion of the proceeds to mental health and cancer research foundations.

Intelligence. Intuition. Action.
IKM dove in head first and created an extensible visual language and a timeless messaging platform that will allow the brand to grow as their business does.

2 - with love.png
3 - phi beta psi.png

Phi Beta Psi

Phi Beta Psi is a charitable sorority with roots going back to the turn of the 20th century. This sisterhood was originally assembled to raise funds for polio and over 100 year later they’re still at it, only their sights are firmly focused on funding for cancer research.

Intelligence. Intuition. Action.
IKM decided to lend a helping hand and took on their digital rebrand and a host of marketing tasks pro bono. The project was a massive success and our team continues to help with event support and fundraising activities.

Pacific Beauty

Pacific Beauty is a California beauty brand based in San Diego. Their audience leans heavily on West-coast fashion and lifestyle. With plans to expand, the ownership recognized the necessity of a rebrand and the need to use the expansion as a platform to relaunch their aesthetic.

Intelligence. Intuition. Action.
IKM jumped into the research, competitive analysis, and strategy. After identifying key market information, the creative team went to work and created an instant classic. The Pacific Beauty brand can now be seen on beaches all over SoCal.

4 - pacific beauty.png
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