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Good things happen when you take your own advice. Welcome to the new IKM.

Since we opened our doors in January 2021, we've been moving at a breakneck pace. We grew our enterprise business 5x and our small business practice absolutely exploded. We've gone from from two employees to seven and we are on track for significant growth in 2024. So what's the problem, you ask? The box.

Finding your way inside a box is a given with enough time and lack of attention to creative thinking or positioning and that's exactly where we found ourselves at the end of last quarter.

While our aesthetic was established to focus on enterprise technology, it just didn't relate to the powerful creative and messaging that we're known for. It's a little disingenuous to tell customers to "think outside the box" when your logo is a literal display of in-the-box thinking. After jumping into a brand audit, we realized that our palette, design elements, visuals, messaging, and positioning had all outlived their usefulness. It was time to find some long overdue inspiration to move our brand forward.

Meet the New IKM.

We think the rebrand speaks for itself but to save you the time of reading an even longer, more drawn-out case study with a ton of fluff about the 5 W's of our new direction, I'll boil it all down to this:

  • Same phenomenal brand builders.

  • Same incredible creative.

  • Now armed with a powerful new aesthetic, strong words to live by, and proof that we practice what we preach.

Take a moment to tour the website and learn more, see our work, and meet our team. Feel free to get in touch when you're ready to get out of your box and reimagine your brand. Bob's your uncle!


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