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Powerful creative to
drive brand growth.

IKM can help your brand succeed through remarkable design, UX, messaging, strategy, and beyond. Scan our gallery to see the impact we've made on these organizations.

Working with IKM's
small business web team.


We've scaled our award-winning process to give bootstrapped businesses a leg up.

Working directly with business owners allows us to reduce cost by eliminating budget-busting phases of production while delivering high-calibre work in tighter, more compressed timelines. In the end, you can expect a bespoke website that was designed with an emphasis on brand and visual impact through layout, color, type treatments, photo and/or video, and expert recommendations.



  • 1-3 Page Websites: typically cost between $500-$1500. Cost increases when adding additional widgets or technology – blog, service, product, community, media, etc. This cost will be determined during your initial call. The cost includes one round of basic revisions to include swapping images, color, and minor text edits.

  • Logos: If your company is in need of a logo, IKM can create this for you during the production of your website. The cost is $250 and includes one round of basic revision to include a change of color and basic text edits.


Sample Timeline 

(Approx 20 days 1-3 pages. Timeline may change with size, scope, and complexity. Please note that this timeline is based on business days only.)

  • Day 1: Client agrees to terms & initial payment made

  • Day 2: Kickoff meeting (via Zoom)

  • Day 3: Client provides all content (text, required photos/video, etc)

  • Day 4-15: IKM designs and develops site

  • Day 16: Website review (via Zoom)

  • Day 17-18: IKM makes revisions

  • Day 19: Project is approved and final payment is made

  • Day 20: Site is transferred to clients account

Important Notes

  • All site content (text, photos, video, etc) shall be delivered to IKM before design can begin. Additional costs will be added to final invoice for content delivered after design has begun.

  • IKM is not responsible for connecting your site to a new or existing domain but we do offer help with this as a courtesy after the project is complete.

  • Content Insertion Limit: IKM will load up to 3 items (Products, Services, Blog Entry, Music, Video, etc.) and their related attributes (size, color, metadata, description, images, etc) per project. Additional items and attributes will be added by customer after project completion.

  • Client must have access to Zoom

  • Our small business practice builds exclusively on the Wix platform. The client must supply an email address that is tied to an existing Wix account before we can begin design.

  • For billing purposes client must provide name, mailing address, and phone number.

  • We are closed for all U.S. government holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years Day. IKM also closes for two weeks out of the year for company-wide vacation, typically in the spring and late summer.

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